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Health Check

AO3 Network Support offers a Network Health Check, to give your organisation a snapshot of the health of your network.

Our comprehensive Health Check includes the following:

  1. Full Inventory
    1. Software
      1. Operating Systems
      2. Applications
    2. Hardware
      1. Components - motherboard, CPU, HDD etc.
      2. Accessories
      3. Infrastructure - LAN, printers etc.
  2. Patch and Update Check
    1. Critical O/S patches
    2. Service packs
    3. BIOS & firmware
    4. Antivirus definitions
    5. Automated updates
  3. Security Scan
    1. Firewall configuration
    2. Password policy
    3. Remote access
    4. Known exploits and current threats
    5. Physical accessibility
    6. Illegal material
    7. SPAM filtering
    8. Mail and web server hardness
  4. Capacity Analysis
    1. Server and workstation hardware
    2. Network bandwidth
    3. Peak utilisation and trend analysis
    4. Extraneous services
  5. Backup and Disaster Recovery
    1. Frequency and scope
    2. Media rotation and off-site storage
    3. Power conditioning/UPS
    4. Disaster recovery plan name just a few.

All presented in a clear, concise report, delivered on our web site in your members-only area.

Click here to book your health check.

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