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Sharing The Challenges Together

Ao3's portfolio of managed technology services is designed to provide customised state-of-the art infrastructure, turnkey technology & solutions already available to blue chip organisations to all clients at a fraction of the price.

We offer our enormous experience through all the levels of the managed services life cycle from the stages of planning, procuring, deploying, supporting, managing and finally improving by innovation through rejuvenating the cycle.

Our aims: To keep your network up and running as efficiently as possible, providing superior network performance and delivering the right applications across your entire organization. The Ao3 enterprise infrastructure team of experienced specialists has over 20 combined years, delivering managed services to corporate & government clients.

Ao3 delivers customised, flexible maintenance plans for clients so that we can implement the most efficient & cost effective support for corporate environments. Our high-tech Managed Services seamlessly combines with your I.T. Dept already in place. We provide the environment & service levels you require to access & manage all your resource requirements according to your specific service level agreement. Ao3 is focused on proactively, securely & effectively monitoring your core onsite hardware & software so that the day-to-day operation of your business is absolutely functional & fine-tuned. Developing regular maintenance schedules, our enterprise infrastructure specialists team, overseen by experienced project managers who are committed to ensuring that mission-critical systems are fully operational with open & continued dialogue. Through in-house developed systems Ao3 documents data on all client networks, covering all I.T. equipment, software & system designs, so that we can commit to all updates, patches and security requirements have been applied effectively. A comprehensive system design.

We can maintain all areas of your organisations network sites from their Internet connection, security restructuring through a cost of single printed page.

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